Project 15

Mar 4, 2012 in ,

Since Project 15 is nearing its completion, and I have decided to put it aside for a few weeks to marinade in its own juices for a while, it seems a good time to start a new project. The name comes from how 2012 has 366 days, and also how old I am this year.

It is going to be more fun, sort of like chick lit, and I'll say I'm quite sure of what I'm getting into this time, because the topic is one I'm familiar with, if that gives you any clues.

My initiation ceremony for new books, or stories consists of entering my main characters' names in the auto-correct feature so they are capitalized automatically.

I'll probably make a page for it soon, but for now, be sure to keep checking my blog, and this tag, for how this goes!

EDIT: I'm about 600 words in (I started today), and I'm thinking of taking away one main character… Two of them have quite distinct voices, but this one is falling a little flat so far. I think I'll let her stick around for a little while before deciding.