Snake On The Loose

Mar 19, 2012 in ,

Yet another wild animal has visited my house, and this time, it's a very black snake. The guards came around, but now we're not very sure if it's still slithering around in the house, or has made its way out.

The fire department is on their way to see if our little visitor is still lurking around… There's a playground nearby, too, so it's best that the snake isn't anywhere near.

This isn't the first time a wild animal has dropped by… A while ago, a group of monkeys used to pass by our house, using the railing as their own personal highway. Then, of course, there are the centipedes… They used to invade every day, but they don't come now. They must have figured out that they're not particularly welcome.

Besides those, there are also the cats… Some are stray (though quite well-fed by the neighbors), and others sneak out of their owners' homes for a little prowl.

This is also not the first time the fire department has been here… The other time was because a cat gave birth to her litter right on our roof. Then, there was the time another litter was born in the porch…

Well, the fire department's here. I'll give you an update on how the snake's escapade goes…

EDIT: They said there's no way it could have went out… which means that IT WAS IN THE ROOM WHILST I WAS STUDYING EARLIER. This is rather creepy. It's hard to imagine I was doing trigonometry, and memorizing stuff about World War II for a quiz with a snake in the room, but apparently, that happened… Now they're dismantling the shelves, oh dear.

EDIT on March 22: They wouldn't find the snake, but we assume it isn't inside anymore. In any case, it most likely isn't dangerous.