Girl Power

Apr 5, 2012 in ,

There are now more women than men attending universities in Malaysia, and forecasts are that the same will soon apply in the scene as women become the majority in the workplace, too. Women are also increasingly filling higher positions. All this, despite the traditional commonplace that women are supposed to stay at home to raise children, while men provide for the family.

More women are working now, and it isn’t always just about money, though the major motivating factor for most is that. It is also the sense of freedom that being able to provide for oneself brings.

Girl power is on the rise across the globe, not just in our own country. Even in India, where girls are generally treated poorly, women who are provided a little money (micro-loans) to start up small businesses become the breadwinners of their families. They gain respect from their families this way, as well as from their communities.

Clearly, it is hard to avoid the presence of women in this world. They have played great roles in history: such as during the World Wars, it was the women who kept industry going, churning out vital equipment while men went to the battlefields.

There have been women who made an impact such as Margaret Thatcher, ex-Prime Minister of Britain, and Aung San Suu Kyi, who is leading the way for democracy in Myanmar. In corporations, too, women have made their mark. Sheryl Sandberg is the COO for Facebook

So if you’re a girl, stand up and be proud! Leaving, though not entirely gone, are the stereotypes working against women, and people look up to those women who manage to juggle home and their careers. These are strong people who multitask at a level quite beyond comprehension.
To the boys, please don’t feel threatened. Girls are just trying to get our equal share, as everyone should, and prove that we can hold our own.

Everyone, regardless of gender, needs to stand up to the plate and be responsible for themselves. We also need to co-exist in harmony, as friends, fellow classmates, and later on, as colleagues, to create a healthy, and balanced environment.