Hold On 'Til April 17

Apr 4, 2012 in , ,

Hello, all. Just dropping by to let you know what I've been up to these few days… I've had a few quizzes this week, and I got A's on all of them, so I'm happy about that, haha. :)

I've also been sorting out an issue I'm doing for Niexter, which will be out on April 19. My team and I had less time than usual to get everything in order, but thankfully, we managed to get it all done! It was hard work, but it's going to be so worth it. Remember to get your copies of NST on April 19!!

This week, some family from overseas are here, so we've been busy… Busy thinking up what to eat, lol. Gatherings aren't quite as fun without food. My younger cousins are coming over to stay later this week, yayay. I love spending time with them. ♥

Greyson Chance is going to have a concert here on April 17! I really want to go, ahhh! It'd be so cool to go to his concert, and hear him live. I would love to meet him, too! He seems like such a cool guy. If anyone has tickets, or M&G passes to give away, please let me know! It'd make for one epic experience, and a great recap. :D

PS. Did I mention he's following me? ;)