I See You

Apr 28, 2012 in ,

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That's right. I see you reading this. I am chewing my lettuce as I watch you with my big bunny eyes. NOMNOMNOM.

I've been listening to the new songs from Forevermore one at a time (I got my album a little while ago), so to reward myself for my A yesterday, I heard two new songs: Hold On, and Wherever You Are. :) The latter technically isn't new though, because I've heard the live version (below), but I'm going in tracklist order, and hadn't heard the studio version yet. They're so beautiful. ♥

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BoredinTX said...

Hi! I read on Avery's Bucket List that your 15 and have SMA. I'm 17 (18 in July) and I have SMA Type 2. I'm following both of your blogs and I would love if you could check out mine: kristinsbored.blogspot.com
I'm trying to get more followers... not working out that well, lol. I have 4 followers at the moment and one's my mom so that doesn't count. Anyway your blog's really nice, ttfn.

Alicia said...

Hey Kristin,

I have Type 2 too, haha. I followed your blog! It's pretty cool. I like how you share your life there.

Take care, and God bless. :)