Oh My Book Quotes

Apr 15, 2012 in , ,

@OhMyBookQuotes is a new project of mine, in which I will share book quotes as often as I can from some of my favorite books. When possible, I will provide the page from which the quotes were taken, but all of them will be credited to the original books.

For me, books have been an outlet - a way to escape when things get too heavy, or if I just want something to do. The words written have impacted me tremendously, and all have contributed in making me who I am in one way or another. Some words in particular are relatable in real-life circumstances, and above all, I hope to share these - to pick out the quotes that put words to the unexpressed feelings of the readers.

I'll also tweet quotes I find nice; that I think are important in a book, or that I simply like, or find funny.

@OhMyBookQuotes is just starting out, and I hope you will follow it, and read book quotes with me.