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Today's issue of Niexter is all about the #STOPKONY campaign, so please get a copy. The issue is best explained in my editor's diary below.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the STOP KONY campaign; a lot of people talking about it on their timelines, newsfeeds, walls, and dashboards, along with the tremendous media coverage that boomed after the video was released. On Twitter, it trended worldwide for several days, along with topics related to the campaign.
In conjunction with Cover the Night, we hope to share with you the elements surrounding Kony. You’ll learn the power of social media, and what the Ugandans themselves think of Invisible Children’s efforts, amongst other topics that will show readers the depth of the matter.

Once you have read this issue, it is our hope that you will feel empowered as a young person to stop violence especially when children like us are involved — most of them are our age, some even younger. We can only imagine the fear of being stolen from our homes and forced to commit atrocious acts that will rack us with guilt for the rest of our lives.

Let’s fight for our generation and set a precedent to prevent more cruel people from rising to power.

It took Invisible Children nine years of hard work before the world took notice of their campaigns: nine years of being repeatedly told no – that they couldn’t make a difference. But they pushed through the barriers that had been placed before them, until today, and they still continue doing so. They won’t stop until their goal of bringing Kony to justice is accomplished.

It would have been much easier for Jason Russell, and the other founders, to simply walk away when they didn’t succeed at first, but they did the opposite of that. They embraced that it would be difficult, stuck by their goals, and refused to give up. We could use the same grit, and determination to persevere through all odds in our daily lives as well.

Our generation in particular is going through a lot more changes than others. Someone once said that we are born in one world, and die in another: this is especially true in this day and age.

To live in our generation requires a great deal of adaptability as technology advances, requiring us to learn new skills to survive, gender roles are blurred, and people are stepping away from their traditional places. Our generation, as all others, has had to face its challenges, from unavoidable natural disasters, to man-made ones. Then, there are the calamities brought on by people who abuse the power they have in their control, much like Joseph Kony has been doing. It is perhaps at that point that one has too much power: when one can order the death of another.

It is a great challenge indeed to try to stop these cruel people from doing more harm, and to rescue those who have been hurt, but we cannot give up, because this is only just the beginning. So together we must unite, not just against Joseph Kony, but against all such people in the world. Perseverance will bring us a step closer to a peaceful world, and we must push forward to secure a safe tomorrow.

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KEZEE said...

Awesome Issue Ally!!!

Alicia said...

Thanks, Kezia!! :)

Rachel said...

Are you sure it's not just another propaganda? There are a lot of these going around here.. maybe you should consider clicking the links above and do further research yourself (:

Rachel said...

Alicia said...

Hi Rachel,

Yes, there are a lot of propaganda going around, but I have done research, and believe that Kony is real. Either way, no child deserves to suffer.

Hope you have a good weekend. :)

Rachel said...


You're right about that. (: Just saying, be wary of who you lend your support to. While this is all happening, we can still always hope and pray hehe

You too, Alicia. have a great week ahead!