There's DIE in DIET (No, Not Really)

Apr 24, 2012 in ,

According to what's trending on twitter, There's DIE in DIET.

I'm on a seafood diet. That means I eat whatever food I sea. Get it? Haha.

But really, I'm trying to be healthy, and not eat too much meat. My family has Salad Day once a week, and we eat a ton of fruits.

Being on a diet shouldn't be that hard. You just have to make sure it's healthy! If you do feel like you're dying (not just craving for sugar, or something unhealthy), then that diet probably isn't good for you, and you should check with an expert, such as a dietician. Also, crash diets may make you lose weight quickly, but you'll also regain that weight in a short period of time. They also aren't good for your body.

I noticed another trend on the list, I love how Greyson has been trending so much lately! It's like when David/Nandito Ako-related phrases trended every day for a month. ♥

David sent an update to us today! It's so great hearing from him. He has been in South America for a few days now, and it's approaching a month since he left for his mission. :)
KS stands for Kari Sellards, his tour manager. She's tweeting on his behalf.