A Very Loud Family

Apr 9, 2012 in

It's been a pretty crazy week… My uncle, and aunt arrived from Bangkok on Tuesday, and come Thursday, my cousins came to stay, so it was a full (loud) house. Did I mention loud? Haha. We are not a quiet family. It was nice having them all around, and it made me think because of some stuff that has been going on.

My cousins and I had pizza for dinner on Thursday, hehe. One was Hawaiian, and the other was cheese, mmmm. It was yummy. The last time I had pizza was in the NST office, lol.

N is 12 now - 13 soon! It's kind of hard to believe she's almost a teenager now. Haha, it's hard to believe I'm a teenager now, even though it's been a while, and it should have sunk in by now. Somehow, whenever I see my age, I think "1-5," not "15." It's quite weird. But anyway, my cousin and I talked a lot, hehe. Girly stuff, and the usual… I get kind of hyper when she's around because she's pretty much hyper 24/7, so if some of the stuff I say seems random, or I hit my capslock button one too many times, don't mind me. I'll get back to my usual mellow(er) self soon enough, haha.

My other little cousin on the other hand, is as sweet as ever. He's getting a little too heavy, though, sigh. :(

We went shopping on Saturday (well, N did most of the shopping anyway, hahaha), and for some reason, nearly everyone ate wonton noodles for lunch. I decided not to eat because of my retainer, and because I had a big, late breakfast. Interestingly enough, however, I ate the small sugar-coated chocolate candies the younger N offered me. How smart of me. Ah well. I ate them very carefully, and my teeth seem fine…

I saw a Totoro keychain while going around, and decided to buy it for David, even though the next time I see him will be in at least two years. Totoro is hanging from a pen now, waiting to meet his future owner. So far, it's the only actual Totoro I've seen here.

They all went back yesterday, and as my uncle, who is in his 70s, was leaving, he said we were very user-friendly. Yes: user-friendly. I couldn't stop laughing after that! I still can't, lol. It makes me laugh every time I think about it. He clearly spends a lot of time on the computer. :p This particular uncle of mine always has a lot of jokes (this one wasn't intentional though), mostly from his own experience. The best joke from this trip happened several decades ago, and involved a very interesting phone call… It's one that is best heard directly from him, with the gestures, gruff voices, and all.

Lol, user-friendly. I still keep going back to that one. It's going down in The Book of Grand Jokes to be Used At Family Gatherings, which has a very long name indeed.

Most of our time was spent in discussion about what to eat, especially because my relatives were coming in from overseas. When we get together, it's all about the food… Food, and jokes: that's what makes a family gathering good. The best food for lunch is hawker stuff, then come dinner, we pile into the seafood restaurants (though we refrain from calling them that because N doesn't like seafood). Once a meal is over, we set about deciding where to go next, and if lunch should stretch on into tea time... On one of the days, we had nyona kuih for tea, then went straight for dinner. Shh… hehe.

My voice is recovering now because my Bangkok uncle is almost deaf in one ear as a result of practicing his shooting during years in the police force, which means we have to talk to him VERY LOUDLY (yes, read that in a loud voice to further enhance the effect).