Update On Project 15

May 2, 2012 in ,

It's been roughly a month since I initiated Project 15, which means it's high time for an update. I have currently passed the 50,000 mark in wordcount, and am aiming for 70,000 in total, though I don't plan on adding fillers if the story ends before that.

The story has expanded nicely so far. In my first post, I mentioned that I was considering taking out (not killing!) one of my characters because she didn't seem to be a necessary presence. After leaving her in for a few scenes, I decided to leave her there because she proved to be important.

For a couple of days, I felt that one of my main characters was deviating from his personality, which isn't a good thing. He was saying uncharacteristic words, and thinking thoughts unnatural for him. I think I managed to pull him back on track, though. He is supposed to change as the story progresses, but I'm trying to be careful about it. I'll have to go back on him later on.

The storyline was falling a bit flat after a while, then I had an idea to add something that lasted quite a while. I just finished writing that in a few minutes ago. I know how the story will end, and roughly what happens next, but I'm in a bit of a limbo now as I try to figure out how much time is appropriate to spend from now until the end.

I have a set of characters who aren't very involved even though I had plans for them from the beginning. I'll have to work on them.

Well, that's just about all I have to update you on this story for now, but I'll keep you posted as I go.