Introducing Hazel

Jun 26, 2012 in

Meet Hazel, the little Shih Tzu who joined our family on Sunday evening. She's just three months old, and absolutely adorable! Her name was the one that won out in the end in our shortlist because she looked most like a Hazel than the other names. "Hazel" came up in the list because we knew how she looked like already, and David's eyes are also hazel, hehe.

She's been settling in well so far, but whimpers at night or when we leave her alone. She should probably grow out of it in a couple of days, but until then, we'll have to hear her sea-otter sounds (yes, my puppy sounds like an otter). Because she's been staying up at night, she's been pretty tired in the daytime, and sleeps most of the afternoon (which contributes to her having enough energy to stay up all night…). She doesn't like being left alone, so I'll conclude she's a people-dog. She's also a smelly little puppy, though her fur feels quite clean. Most of the house smells like her now! Haha.

Since she's new to this environment, she's trying to get herself used to it. She's pretty sensitive to sounds, and kept looking at my computer the first time she saw me typing. Even now, her head still bops up whenever she hears something new.

She's a smart little puppy, and has figure out that we like her to sit, haha. She hasn't grasped her name yet, though, nor the fact that the newspapers are for her to do her business, not simply sit on. Right now, she's beside me trying to chew on her new collar. She was sitting right in front of my computer a few minutes ago, trying not to let me blog about her. She doesn't seem to have any interest in looking at pictures or videos of herself, haha. Yesterday, she decided to walk on my computer and type a series of nonsensical letters and symbols (she just accidentally typed "56t").

About a minute ago, she just wandered off, and came back charging at me when I called her name! I think we're making progress here.

I'm really happy about getting her, because I've always wanted a dog. I had another Shih Tzu when I was younger who sat perfectly when we were eating, and knew who to high-five (though she just lifted up a paw when she was lazy), but was forced to give her away for various reasons. I'd been thinking about little puppies for the past couple of weeks (and smelling their scent in places where I really shouldn't), and it's been verging on torturous to not tweet about my fuzzy puppy. I wanted to blog about Hazel right away, but didn't get a good picture for a while because she's so wiggly. Her fur is soft and dense, and she's really nice to squish. As for her tail, it curls up onto her back, and it's like a little automatic machine that wags whenever someone walks by her!

I'll post more pictures soon, along with her progress, and perhaps a video of her running (or hopping) up the slope in our house! She looks like a little bunny or deer when she does that, haha.

Uh oh, I can't see her now (though I can hear her bell), so I have to go! Bye!