Hazel's First Week

Jul 1, 2012 in

It's been an exciting (cuddly, and squishy) first week for little Hazel. She's a really smart puppy, and I'm not saying that just because I'm biased. She was pretty much toilet-trained by the third day, though she still has accidents occasionally. She learned her name and how to sit on command simultaneously, which is pretty awesome. Sometimes she doesn't respond when we call her though, because she's just plain tired, but it's obvious she knows we're calling by the way her ears prick up. When I woke her up earlier, she just blinked around, and stretched a few times in the most adorable manner imaginable before bounding towards me.

She loves to press her little body against me for comfort and warmth when she sleeps. <3 After giving her a collar with two little bells, she proceeded to exert all her energy into trying to chew them off. They're pretty discolored already.

Because she was such a horribly smelly puppy, my mom decided to give her a bath earlier than the recommended 1 − 2 weeks after getting a new dog. She looked like such a skinny little cat! I think she was happy to get a bath because she looked so dang itchy before, lol. Once she escaped the towel, she started going crazy and running everywhere. My mom and I both took a couple of videos of her. Here's one:

She's not usually that hyper, though, and thankfully too, because we'd all go hazelnuts if she were. Because she's still a little baby, she sleeps a lot, and often falls drop-dead tired after playing for a while. When she does, I can lift up her tail and play with her paws and ears without her ever moving at all, haha.

Besides being toilet-trained, knowing her name, and how to sit on command, she's also getting the hang of shaking hands, even though she can't lift her paw too high (her entire body collapses, lol. Clearly, she's still trying to find her balance). She can also come up onto my footrest (when she thinks I have food to give her). Other than her dog food, we've also been giving her some fruits, and she loves them. Last night, she had her first taste of durian, haha.

For the first few nights we left her alone in her cage, she whined like a sea-otter, but she stopped by the third day. Hazel's a smart, cute little puppy. <3