Writing Fanfiction

Jul 26, 2012 in

This week's issue of Niexter was all about fanfiction, which really brought back some memories… I used to write quite a bit when I was younger, and I had so much fun doing it. The rush, the excitement - the anticipation for readers before I posted a new "chappy" - ah, it all came flooding back to me. I suddenly felt the adrenaline rise in me; the familiar feeling I used to get as I let my hand get carried away on my computer.

When I saw a fanfiction based on "The Hunger Games" on the Top 10 list, I suddenly got the urge to write one myself. I can almost image it: life after the Games. It would be based on the reconstruction; something like the fourth installment to the books. Ahh, I need to be stopped before I go on! I have other things I need to concentrate on!

Even though I don't think I'll be writing a new fanfiction anytime soon, what I loved about writing it then was the ability to twist the story - and the characters - into whatever I fancied, and what sweetened the deal was my friends who faithfully read my stories. Along the way, I learned that you can't force a character into doing something OOC (Out of Character - a term I learned from a comment someone left me), and I learned a lot more from writing fanfiction, too. I learned that whilst you should write for yourself, having readers makes it that much more fun to do. It's awesome to have a community of people to share my stories with, and I value that so much. It's the readers who make writing that much more worth it.