Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D - Movie Review

Aug 26, 2012 in , , , ,

It seems like every other popstar is releasing their own concert movie, so when it was announced that Katy Perry was having her own, it wasn't a surprise, especially since her shows have so many visual elements to them.

The movie starts with homemade videos sent in by fans, followed by a video of a 18-year-old Katy in her bedroom, sans make-up and looking fairly normal. The show gets started soon, with her on stage, fulfilling her childhood dream. I knew the stage set for her California Dream World Tour was pretty crazy, but I was still blown away when footage of the first song played. It's very much a colorful wonderland of dreams - Katy's wonderland, to be precise - with her right in the middle.

The 3D effects are great during the concert, and definitely impressed me. With the bright colors, and the fun elements on the stage - not least Katy herself - providing a visual feast, it's hard not to have fun while watching the movie.

It isn't all about the shows, however: much of Part of Me shows who Katy is as a person, and also her relationship with her fans. It focuses on telling the people that Katy is not just a pop doll, but rather a real person, who has emotions, and also an artist who is very much in control of her career, right down to the small details. I confess that I didn't know much about her before, and it was interesting to know more about her, especially how she achieved her fame. Unlike the belief that she shot to superstardom, Katy was actually hard at work for several years in Los Angeles, away from her conservative family, before she finally hit it big. It was a grueling journey to get to where she is now though, and she struggled with a few labels who tried to remake her into other people before she found her home in Capitol Records.

The movie provides an insight into Katy's personal life without being too invasive, and it's interesting to see how she is offstage, with no make-up or crazy outfit on. Surprisingly, Katy, who used to sing gospel music, grew up in a conservative family, and though her parents aren't too comfortable with some of her performances, they are still accepting of her.

Another aspect of Katy's life that the movie brings to the audience is her relationship with comedian Russell Brand. We all know what happened to their marriage, but Part of Me also tells the story of how they were in love, and the dedication Katy had to make their marriage work. However, as she learned, fairytales aren't real. Sure to move is the scene where she has to go onstage in Brazil after finding out about her divorce. Still sobbing, Katy is positioned to enter the stage, and braves herself, pasting on a show-smile as if nothing is wrong. Indeed, the show must go on. As the concert progresses, however, it's clear that all is not right in Katy-land, and her fans chant "Katy Perry we love you!" in Portuguese. It's an emotional scene as Katy tries to stop her tears, at the same time overwhelmed by the love her fans have for her.

My favorite parts of the movie, aside from the concerts, are the fan experiences. It brought a smile to my face to see how much she cares about them, and how committed she is to inspiring young people. Despite her fame, the documentary makes Katy seem accessible to her fans.

Although the movie has a number of different focuses, it never feels like too much, and the one-year documentary is blended together almost seamlessly into less than two hours' worth of footage. Perhaps my favorite person in the entire movie is her grandma, with her quirky sense of humor (hint: she lives in Las Vegas).

If a fun movie is what you're looking for, then Part of Me 3D is a great choice. With all the visual dynamics of her concerts, it will be hard not to find yourself, and you'll soon find yourself feeling like you're actually at a Katy Perry concert.