Music Review: Adele's 21

Aug 23, 2012 in , ,

When one thinks of Adele, two of her hit songs usually come to mind: Rolling In The Deep and Someone Like You. Both songs come from her album 21, the follow-up to 19.

In keeping with the style of these two songs, the rest of Adele’s album consists of love songs. They are not your usual bubblegum type, however. They are songs of heartache and betrayal.

The songs on 21 were written by Adele, and in it, she pens the feelings of a heartbroken lover. It seems that she is writing about the same person, and there are similarities that tie the story together, but it doesn’t seem to be in chronological sequence. For instance, the song He Won’t Go, which portrays a determination to keep the relationship intact, is sandwiched between two songs that will leave you feeling as if it was your own heart that had been broken.

Besides the two main songs, the ones that stood out for me were Don’t You Remember, which never fails to put me into a state of melancholy, and Set Fire To The Rain, which is filled to the brim with a passion that can only come from someone who has experienced what it means to have been knifed by betrayal.

Lest you think the songs are all of a hopeless love, some have underpinnings of strength and a resolution to move on.

There are songs that I did not like, such as One and Only. It was not the lyrics I didn’t like, but the melody because it sent me into a place filled with trumpets and tall glasses — not necessarily a bad thing, but not to my taste.

The lyrics of all the songs are truthful, portraying the inner workings of a personal tragedy, sometimes in metaphors. Adele has a different approach to telling her stories, and though some metaphors are not immediately obvious, her voice always gives the game away, in a good sense.

Adele’s honesty forms the structure of her songs, and her voice provides depth to lift her above the ranks of other artists, placing her in a class of her own.