My Toes Are Yummy

Aug 4, 2012 in , , ,

Hazel has discovered that various parts of me are nice to chew on, which is great news for her, not-so-great for me, because she keeps trying to bite me! At first, she was just nibbling gently, but now she's full-on trying to pull my toes off my foot. She seems to think my fingers are fun toys too, despite her having several ones of her own (that don't hurt).

She kind of knows when I want her to stop though (sometimes), so that's good. She's just over 4 months old now, and already, she's grown so big! She's still a little baby, but her teeth are double their size compared to when she first arrived (boo for me), and she's got more energy, too.

I created a twitter account for her the other day, haha. Check it out @HazelTheLionDog! She'll be tweeting from there because she likes twitter just like her owner.