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Yesterday, I attended a forum on writing by PLF in MPH for their essay competition. I went there to cover the event for NST's School Times (so watch out for the article soon - it will be on a Thursday). It was actually the first time I went for a talk about writing, though I've been to workshops before, and I found it interesting.

Both the speakers, Lydia and Kenny, are Malaysian authors who have published their works. They gave some good advice, and I especially loved how much passion they have for writing. You could see so clearly that they aren't writing just because it's something to do, or even to make a living, but simply because they love the written word. And for me, it was inspiring - if nothing else, it felt good to know that there are so many people here with that same passion. But of course, the feeling that I'm not alone was not the only thing I took away from the two-hour session. I learned some helpful things about finding your voice (Kenny said there is no such thing, since you already have your own voice, including what you write on Facebook), and just writing in general. The one thing that they said, over and over, was to read, and write - to always read and write without ceasing.

While Lydia was talking about finding your voice, and be yourself, she also said something that put an abnormally large grin on my face: she said that David Archuleta has a unique voice, and that she can recognize his voice whenever he comes on the radio.

When the event wrapped up, I asked Lydia and Kenny for their autographs, so I also wanted to say thank you here. You guys are so inspiring.

To find out more, you'll just have to read my article when it comes out. ;)

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Hey Ally,
That's great! Can't wait to read ST this Thursday.