A Day In A Fishing Village

Sep 26, 2012 in

As promised, here are a few pictures from the trip we took to the fishing village last week. It was a pretty fun experience. We'd originally plan to go to look for food, but lunch took over an hour to arrive, since the restaurant only has one chef. Thankfully, I brought my book with me, and the food was pretty good was it did arrive.

After eating, we went to look around, and came upon this place where fishermen were unloading their catch. It took a while, since they first had to clear some water out of their boat before actually hauling out the blue barrels.

While we were there, we also saw people building a brand new boat. I wonder what it will be called once it's complete!

The trip was supposed to be just a quick one, but I'm glad it lasted a bit longer than that. We ended up staying until dinnertime, actually.