Being A Good Example

Sep 13, 2012 in , ,

In life, we all have role models whom we follow, and even if we say we like to go against the grain, we still tend to have someone we look up to. This role model is someone who has our respect and has achieved what we would also like to achieve.

The title of role model, however, is not reserved for celebrities or heroes alone like we often assume. Each and every one of us has an impact on other human beings, and it’s a responsibility that we should never minimise. We are role models for those younger than us: our juniors in school, siblings, cousins, and others. They look up to us simply because we are older and more experienced, and we should try our best to set a good example for them, no matter who we are or what situations we are in.

We don’t have to (and shouldn’t) suddenly try to turn ourselves into perfect beings, but it’s most important that we try. This is something I learned as a David Archuleta fan. In my early days of following his career, I sometimes thought he was perfect. Along the way, however, I realised he wasn’t perfect — he never claimed to be — but he was constantly trying to be a good person, and I truly admire him for that.

That’s probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned as a fan, and it’s one I hope to share with others. It’s okay to make mistakes so long as you learn from them, and try your best not repeat them. We are given a new chance each day to become better people, and we should seize every single opportunity to improve ourselves.

Just as we admire people who have worked their way to the top from rock bottom, people will also consider us to be good role models if we make a commitment to change ourselves for the better.