Olympics & Paralympics A Source of Inspiration

Sep 11, 2012 in , ,

This weekend marked the close of the Olympic circuit, which includes the Paralympics. London had a tough job ahead of them, with this Olympics being the follow-up to the unprecedented Beijing 2008 Olympics, and it put on a jolly good show. The pyrotechnics were spectacular, as was the guest list that included even Stephen Hawking, who rarely makes appearances. Anyone who has watched the opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympics and Paralympics will be impressed by the amount of entertainment it served up. Even the Queen had a surprising role, jumping down a plane with none other than Bond - James Bond.

There have been many inspirational stories in the sports arena this time around, from Michael Phelps gaining the most number of Olympic medals in history, to Oscar Pistorius joining the main Olympics in addition to the Paralympics, as well as Usain Bolt's record-breaking run.

The Paralympics in particular have been inspiring, with some calling it the best in history. The number who bought tickets along can attest to this, with seats being sold out. Every where you turn in not just the Paralympics, but the Olympics, there is a true story of someone who overcame great obstacles to get to where they are, and in every athlete there is a great deal of strength both physically and mentally.

As for Malaysia, we had our share in creating history, too. Datuk Lee Chong Wei bagged the silver medal in badminton for us after a tooth-to-nail match against Lin Dan, Pandelela Rinong brought another silver back to our shores, and two of our Paralympians secured medals in the arenas. In addition to this, Malaysia also sent a pregnant Olympian to London, who was further along in her pregnancy than any other athlete.

The 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics have certainly been great as a whole, and both serve as great sources of inspiration. With this in mind, one can't help but look forward to Rio, and wonder what it will have to offer. While we dream up the ceremonies in our minds, lets also hope that another Malaysian athlete will rise up from our nation, and carry on our hopes of having an Olympic gold medal.