Trip To Penang, & Hazel's First Time Away

Sep 3, 2012 in , ,

On Thursday my parents and I headed to Penang for a short trip. Before we went, we were debating over where to put Hazel - we definitely couldn't leave her at home, and no one else could take care of her. Just the day before, however, we found a dog boarding place that looked good, aka clean and friendly.

Off we drove in the morning, with Hazel sitting on my lap just as she had done when we brought her home the first time. She was pretty calm, but I think she knew we were going somewhere because she was sniffing around at certain stretches of the road. We dropped her off at the place, after making sure it was okay, then headed to the island.

I hadn't been there for a couple of months, so it was nice to be back. We didn't go on our usual food-route, but we did have some yummy food nonetheless, including the famous char kuey teow.

The view from our hotel room was gorgeous, and we could see the sea from where we were. It was pretty in the daytime, and also when all the lights came on at night, when we could see the liners making their way out.

We had dinner by the beach on Friday, and the place was so serene. There were people doing water sports there, so we got the chance to watch them, too.

The next day, we saw the NSTP building while driving around the island.

We had lunch with my grandparents at my dad's favorite place, then drove back to pick Hazel up. She was sitting in a cage when we saw her, with other cute little puppies playing in the pen. She didn't make any friends, haha. The lady gave her one extra hug before handing her over, and said she's a pretty puppy (she's called her cute before). It was awesome cuddling Hazel again. ♥ She was clearly excited to see her again, and she snuggled right into my lap during the drive.

When we got home, she was so excited! She definitely missed home, haha. The first thing she did was inspect the house, making sure that everything was the same, including her toys.

It was definitely a fun trip, and I look forward to visiting Penang again.