NaNoWriMo - Am I Nuts?

Oct 28, 2012 in ,

It's that time of the year again, and NaNoWriMo is just 3 days away. This is the third year since I first found out about it - in 2010, I found out about it halfway through, and last year, I was in Beijing for 10 days - too long away for me to attempt it. That brings us to this year, 2012, the first year I'm going to seriously going to attempt it. The problem is that I've been busy lately, so I've got no idea if I'll be able to finish it, or if I'm crazy for even trying. But if I never try, I'll never know, right?

The good news is that I already have a story in mind - one that's been there for more than a year, actually. It's the same idea that I wanted to work on last year… Even though it's been quite a while since then, however, I haven't actually created a full outline. Right now, I just have a rough idea of where I'm going to go, while I work on a plot in the back of my journal. I'm having a hard time sticking to just a rough plot, though - I keep going far too into detail, which takes up valuable planning time. I keep telling myself to save the details for later, but something else nags at me saying to write it all down before I forget.

So here I am now, 3 days before "30 days and nights of literary abandon," wondering if I'll complete it. Or get even halfway close. Or if I'll be able to write a thousand words a day again. Either way, I'm here to try (even if I'm nuts to attempt it), and I really hope I get through this adventure.

If you've done NaNoWriMo before, please feel free to share any advice or tips you may have. I'm going to need all the help I can get!