Panda Issue

Oct 18, 2012 in , , ,

This week's issue is all about our furry, black-and-white friend, the panda! Be sure to get a copy, as it's filled with some really interesting things about them that I was surprised to find out about, too.

Below is my editor's diary, but to read more, please get a copy of the New Straits Times!

Late last year, Britain experienced a panda-mania, and soon, Malaysia will have it too, with a pair of pandas slated to arrive on Malaysian shores soon. It’s exciting indeed, as pandas are such fascinating creatures, and probably the most lovable, with friendly personas, and adorable features. It’s hard not to fall in love with them, and even the most serious person will find him or herself smiling when they watch videos of baby pandas frolicking around.

In this issue, you’ll learn all about pandas, from their unique characteristics, to myths about them, and much more, including a DIY on how to make cute panda cupcakes. Not to miss is the Diary of One article, where our writer tells the story of how she got winked at by a panda!

We hope that by the end of this issue, you’ll love pandas even more, and want to protect them and their fragile habitats for future generations.