Pink 'Do on Pink Saturday at the LPGA

Oct 13, 2012 in

This morning, my parents and I went to watch the Sime Darby LPGA, passes courtesy of my awesome uncle, and it was really fun! I'm not one who is very much into sports, but as my uncle put it, "couldn't resist his offer." It was especially cool because all 72 of the players for this tournament are women.

I'd gone on Thursday, but missed the tee offs, so today, we made sure to get there bright and early (even Hazel was still yawning). We got there in time to catch them, and stationed ourselves there to watch all the flights for that set. I got to see last year's champion, Na-Yeon Choi, along with the top world players, so that was cool. :) Somehow, I couldn't find where the ball landed though, even though I watched at least 15 players… haha.

While on the way back, we passed by the media center, and I got to go inside, hehe. Someone working for the LPGA got a shot of us and posted it on their official Facebook, so he showed it to us. :) While there, I got to take a picture with this awesome dude. Talk about a pink outfit!

All in all, it was a pretty fun experience on the green. Thank you again to my awesome uncle for the passes! :)