13,416 Words

Nov 10, 2012 in , ,

Hello all. Just popping in to update you with my word count… It's not exactly on-schedule (I'm short of about 2,000 words or so), but I'll get there. So far, I'm still relatively early on in the story, and nothing particularly exciting has happened just yet. I'm basically letting the readers get to know the characters better before I really get it going. I've got my next few scenes planned out, and I haven't really started panicking (too much) yet, though I occasionally go "WHAT'S THE NEXT SCENE? WHY HAVEN'T I PLANNED IT YET?" in my head. Yes, I just used capslock because NaNoWriMo makes me nervous - a excited kind of nervous.

I also wanted to let you know that my Etsy shop now has a couple of sales - a lot, but enough to make me a happy seller for now. :) Feel free to check it out here, and please share the link with your friends!

I've got to go for dinner now, so I'll check back in again soon. In the meantime, please 'like' my issue on Niexter's Facebook page here!