Endless Possibilities

Nov 23, 2012 in , , ,

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you knew you’d overcome anything that came in the way? It’s an interesting feeling, one that can empower you. Sometimes these moments come in short, fleeting bursts: after an inspirational meeting, perhaps, or after an accomplishment. Then just as quickly as they come – as fast and hard as the empowerment fills you so you believe that you can conquer the world, they vanish, leaving you feeling very human all over again.

Being highly motivated means having one of two things: a deep, unshakable passion, or a tremendous amount of willpower. Combine the two, together with God’s blessing, and anything is possible. Sometimes, however, our willpower may not be as strong as the situation requires, but we should put our all into pursuing our dreams. Chances are that we won’t regret what we did, but rather what we didn’t do, and the opportunities that we let slip away.

There are endless possibilities open for those who are ready to seize them, and though it’s easy to let the bumps, rocks, and perhaps even hills get in the way, don’t let that be permanent. Get up again, remember your ultimate goal, and continue marching along the way towards where you want to be. Don’t ever forget why you started out on the journey in the first place, and keep your passion ignited. Remind yourself of how much it means to you, and why you want it so badly.

Don’t get lost along the way, and pull yourself back onto the right course when you go astray, as my mom always tells me. There’s nothing wrong with going aside for a little while to explore other things, but never forget what is truly important, and finally, never, ever lose heart or hope.