Hazel's Puppy Days

Nov 5, 2012 in ,

No, that is not a wet alien - it's a damp Hazel! This is her about 80% dry after her shower, when all her fluff settles down onto her face. My dad thinks she looks like a hippie this way. I really wonder if she can see anything… She's usually really hyper after getting a bath, and she just loves to dry herself on me for some reason, even though she has a perfectly good towel that she knows is hers.

Okay, here's a cuter picture. Fuzzy boo boo. My mom thinks she looks like a Teletubby here.

Baby Hazel also learned how to climb stairs recently. Below is a video of the first time she climbed down. She was pretty fast climbing up, but going down was another matter, as you'll see. She's such a cute baby, hehe.

I've been teaching her how to walk on two legs lately, and she seems to have gotten the hang of it! As long as I don't go too fast/far, she can keep up quite well, hehe. Oh, have I mentioned that I taught her how to count? She's up to 5 now.