My Birthday Present Arrived Early

Nov 16, 2012 in ,

My parents got me an iPhone 4S for my birthday, and I'm pretty excited about it, haha. We ordered it online, and it actually arrived two days early, which was pretty awesome. I screamed when I saw the yellow van outside of the house, haha. It's a 4S, and I've tried out Siri. She knows what my name is, and she found me the Porto's Bakery in California that David ate in once (or maybe more than that). So far I've downloaded a bunch of apps that I'd been aching to use before, and they're all really fun. :D

Here's my first shot at using Instagram (can't seem to upload the actual picture):

I only actually started using it yesterday even though it arrived on Wednesday because we had to activate my SIM card first. Since then, I've been paranoid about what's been eating up my data, haha. I downloaded the DataWiz app, and so far, it's been pretty good (and very pretty). Does anyone have any apps they would like to recommend to me (data saving, games or otherwise), or any tips?