Merry Christmas 2012!

Dec 25, 2012 in , , ,

Wow, it seems that December has flown by this year! I still remember thinking that it was just the start of the month, and now it's Christmas already! I want to wish all of my lovely friends, readers, and fellow food-lovers a very blessed, merry Christmas that's filled with lots of love, joy, and fun.

For the Archies and those who like @DavidArchie's music, I have a new video from his performance in Avalon, Singapore, earlier this year. Enjoy!

Over the weekend, my friend, Esther, came around for a sleepover, and we had fun, haha. The last time I saw her was earlier this year at her brother's wedding! It was really awesome seeing her again. :) We watched a bunch of movies, haha.

Again, I wish all of you awesome people a very Merry Christmas. :)

PS. Hazel says hi. She has a little red ribbon on top of her head now, hehe. Cutie pie.