Spending Time Wisely

Dec 13, 2012 in , , , ,

The school holidays have arrived, and it means that a much-deserved break is finally here, especially for those who have just completed their SPM examinations. With two months off school, what are you planning to do? Perhaps you’re going to watch the last movie installment of the Twilight series, or stuff yourself silly with leftover Halloween candy.

The problem with plans, however, is that life has a way of not sticking to them well for the most part, and it seems that once holidays actually arrive, plans seem to just fall away. During the holidays, some people tend to complain about being bored, and that seems odd, because there are so many things that you could do with all this extra time. You could give some of your time to charity, and have the smile on someone’s face spread to yours because you know you’ve helped them, or you could try to learn something new. How about learning how to speak Japanese, or maybe Korean, so you can understand K-pop a little better? You could start exercising to keep yourself healthy, or read some of next year’s textbooks so you get a head start when you go back to school. Even if you just have a few minutes to spare, you could always make use of it by planning out your day, saying hi to a friend, or organizing your desk instead of staring at the ceiling.

Often times, parents complain about their children spending too much time on Facebook, and even though I have nothing against that, I think it would be nice if friends met in real life more often, instead of communicating through screens, and expressing themselves using emoticons and capital letters.

Time is precious commodity, and we should be careful of how we use it, spending it wisely on activities that benefit us, or that help others. Whenever you’re in doubt about whether something is worth your time, ask yourself if you can justify it in a few decades, and if really want to look back at your teen years, and know that you have spent a part of them doing this.