The Cuzkins

Dec 19, 2012 in

This past weekend, my aunt, uncle, and two cousins came back, so we spent some time with them. :) It was awesome, especially since we hadn't actually seen each other in at least two years (boo).

We mostly met for meals (because that's what my family does when we meet up - eat), except for once when we went to shop for some electronics (and ended up not buying what we went there to get). After that, we had some durian (well, the adults had durian - we watched a movie). I think Hazel enjoyed that little get-together most of all, since my aunt fed her more durian than I ate, haha. She willingly shook my aunt's hand after that, using both paws.

Today is actually my cousin Annabelle's birthday, so I wanted to wish her a very merry birthday. She is now officially sweet sixteen! :)