Pangkor Laut Resort

Jan 11, 2013 in , , ,

In late November, my parents and I went on a vacation in Pangkor Laut Resort. It was a wonderful experience, though I haven't had the chance to write about it since.

We left from home bright and early in the morning (actually, scratch that - it was dark and foggy), and drove for a couple of hours before we had to take a bathroom break. The rest stop we stopped at, however, had really, really dirty bathrooms (the kind where you don't want to even step into), so we drove up further instead.

We arrived in Pangkor at about noon after we had lunch, but couldn't find their office, so we drove around for a while more until we found it. Once there, we had to wait for a while before our boat ride. Now, I'll be the first to tell you that boat rides are really not my thing, but this one was actually pretty fun. The wind was blowing hard, and all I kept thinking about was that Hazel would be blown away if she were there…

In the resort, we went for lunch numero duo (we didn't know lunch was included at first) by the beachside, which was really relaxing. The food was good, and the breeze smelled of the sea.

Filled with yummy goodness, we went to our villa, and it felt so good to plop down on the bed. Our villa was lovely, and two female peacocks frequented our veranda. Just outside, toucans rested peacefully in the trees. It was around 3pm already by then, so it was time for dinner before long.

Prior to another round of eating, however, we took a nice walk around the area, and out into the sea. There was some tiny fish there, together with monitor lizards. According to the manager, they're working on regenerating some coral, so the sea life should abound in a few years. He spent quite some time telling us about their efforts, which certainly look promising. Already, you can see that the water is clear, and that some small, colorful fish are happily swimming around.

Dinner was served buffet-style, and we found a spot near to the beach. We could see the jetty from where we were, along with the mainland.

The next day was relaxing, and we spent much of our time in the restaurants, slowly eating our food, and soaking in the surroundings. After breakfast, I fed the fish some bread, and it was fun watching them, because they all tried to swim over each other. It was like a frenzy! It made me miss the big fish we used to have at home, haha.

Dinner was special that night, because we sat in the chef's office. The previous day, my mom had told the chef how hot it was, since it was an open-air restaurant. In response, the chef, Uncle Hoo, who is a pretty awesome man who was been working there for many years, invited us to have dinner there the next day, at their only air-conditioned table. The food was delicious, and I especially loved the steamed ginger fish, along with the succulent duck. For dessert, I had fruits sorbet, which definitely had a zing that woke me up.

The next day, it was time to leave already. Before we headed off to the jetty, we took this beautiful shot from the front of the resort.

It was a wonderful vacation, but I must mention that this resort is also the least wheelchair-friendly one that I have been to. There are steps everywhere, including leading up to some of the villas, and up to the lobby. Fortunately, however, the people who work there are friendly, and make up for this lacking. Other than that, Pangkor Laut Resort is a beautiful place to go to if you just need to unwind, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.