Resolutions Serve A Purpose

Jan 25, 2013 in , , , ,

This week, my column article was all about resolutions, and you can read it below! :)

Each year is different from the previous one, and each year, we come into it a little wiser, thanks to the lessons that we learned in the previous year. For me personally, it’s going to be quite different, and definitely interesting, and while I won’t deny having a bit of nerves, I’m all set for it.

We are now a couple of weeks into 2013, and have more or less gotten back into the swing of daily life. But by now, the resolutions we so enthusiastically made have probably slipped to the back of our minds.

Just because it isn’t January 1 anymore doesn’t mean that we should just forget about our New Year’s resolutions. We made them for a purpose, and whether we said that we wanted to read more in this coming year, write more for Niexter, or finally learn how to play chess, we should definitely accomplish what we set out to do. It’s a good time to look at our resolutions for 2013 once more, and evaluate if we have been getting any closer to achieving those goals. Have we renewed our library cards, or signed up for chess lessons yet? If you haven’t started, fret not: you still have a good chunk of the year to catch up. But still, don’t sit around on it!

There’s a reason why New Year’s Resolutions are called what they are, and not something like New Week's Resolutions, or New Month's Resolutions, though we could very well have those as well. The resolutions that we make in the first few days of January are supposed to be our goals for the entire year, and we should spend the twelve months allotted to us this year aiming to cross them off our lists.

Don’t stick to closely to your list and obsess over it, however, as plans tend to change. Instead, we could try to remember the reason why made those resolutions instead: to improve ourselves, gain more knowledge, or perhaps something else altogether.