A Rather Random Post

Feb 19, 2013 in , , ,

Over the past weekend, my family went over to visit my grandparents, and this time, we brought Hazel along! It's her first time going balik kampung, haha. She slept on my lap on the way there, and she behaved really well while we were there. At night, she slept in the room, and was a good little girl. :)

Isn't she cute? She didn't even try to jump out, haha. She just curled up, and went to sleep. :)

We ate lots of tua pan over there, and I played xiang qi with my grandpa. It was fun, haha. :) One of the mornings, we had dim sum for breakfast, and I met with my cousins… Hazel came along, and sat beside me. While we were eating, this little girl ran up to me, touched Hazel, and ran away, LOL. I don't think anyone else saw, but it was funny.

Today, a lion dance troop went to KDU, and they practiced on the roof during class. One minute our lecturer was explaining something, and the next, we all jumped (or maybe it was just me) because they clanged the cymbals outside, haha. Thankfully, it was almost the end of class…

PS. Check out David's brand new single, Don't Run Away, which is from his upcoming album, No Matter How Far, on SoundCloud here, and be sure to buy it on iTunes! It's a really awesome song.

PPS. By "really awesome," I mean really, really awesome.

PPPS. Seriously though. Listen to Don't Run Away, then get it on iTunes.