First Days of the Chinese New Year

Feb 12, 2013 in , ,

These first couple of days have been pretty awesome so far. On the eve, we went to my uncle's house for the reunion dinner, and ate lots of yummy food. It was held potluck-style, so everyone brought a dish or two. My mom made steamed chicken, seafood curry, and vegetables. :) Here's a picture of the chicken:

On the first day, we stayed at home, and watched TV, haha. The CCTV special was on, and it was kinda awesome seeing Celine Dion singing a song in Mandarin!

In the evening, we had dinner with my uncle and some relatives again. I wore a nice bright red. :)

We had another round of lou sang, haha. It was really yummy! I enjoyed the crackers. :p I probably ate too much lou sang, because I was full afterwards, hmm… It's so yummy and addicting. We only get to eat it once a year though, so why not?

Oh, Hazel wanted to say hi.

She didn't like the ribbon at first, but I think she has figured out that it makes her look prettier (and makes me want to squish her more). I gave her a treat earlier, and she finished the whole thing under five minutes. I don't think she chews her food. She just noms it, then swallows. She was sleeping a minute ago, but just woke up because of the neighbors, haha.