Hello There

Feb 4, 2013 in , ,

Just popping in to say hi… Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. I've been getting adjusted to college life (well, it's been almost a month now, but I'm still getting the hang of things). So far, classes have been okay, and I enjoy the subjects that I'm taking right now. The next term is going to be super busy though, yikes.

When I come home, Hazel usually sniffs my head (and toes), and I think she's checking on what I learn in class… I wonder if, somehow, she can feel my brainwaves, and can tell how much I learned… Well, today I learned about marginal utility, and the law of equi-marginal utility. I wonder how that translates into dog-terms. It would be cool if she could absorb what I learn, and tell me when I need it, hah. Unfortunately, she can't speak English (or French, though that would be interesting), so now I have to go and re-do a table (before I forget, because I can barely read my own handwriting).

'Til my next post! :)