Street Kids Issue - March 7, 2013

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This past Thursday, was a pretty exciting day for me, as the issue that my editorial team and I did on street kids was published! What made it even more awesome was seeing my friends walk in with NST under their arms, haha. Our group project is on the same topic, so I asked them to get a copy. ;)

Thank you to aunty Mary for the wonderful opportunity, and to the awesome editorial team. It was really great working with all of you guys. ♥ It was a little crazy getting it all together (then again, all issues are a little crazy), but we managed to do it. And of course, thank you to all of the writers and the contributors! You guys are awesome. ;)

Just to give you a glimpse of the issue, here is the article that I wrote:

And for the centerspread (pictures taken by my friend Afiqah):

Coincidentally enough, this past Thursday's issue also saw the article that my friend Kezia wrote about me published in School Times. I really had no idea until I opened the paper, and saw my face there. It was a cross between being really cool, and really, really strange, haha. Thank you, Kezia, for the write-up! :) Oh, one other thing that I found super cool: School Times put up a crossword puzzle below the article, with the phrases all being titles of David's songs.

Even though this is kinda off-topic, I just feel like sharing that last Wednesday, as I came out of the elevator, I heard the start of Something 'Bout Love, and it just started blasting all over the college (well, that floor, anyway). I was grinning like mad already when I saw a friend of mine singing along, haha. It was my song of the day, whoa oh oh ohh. ;)