Term exam + burst of inspiration = ?

Mar 29, 2013 in , ,

This entire week has been the term exam week for the pre-u students in KDU, and mine finished on Wednesday. I was 70% nervous, 30% excited, since it was my first college exam, haha. But it went okay (haven't gotten my full results yet though). The couple of days before that were spent studying and trying to make sure all the points wouldn't fall out of my head come exam day. Hazel was my study buddy, and a very good one at that - she just sat beside me the whole time. :) It felt nice to finish the exam, which leads me to the next part of the equation in my title.

For some reason, after my exam, I have just been writing poem after poem about the most random things and feelings. I'm kind of excited, but also scared. I can't remember the last time I felt this way, so filled with inspiration, and I wonder how long it will last. I have just saved eight into my computer from the past two days alone.

I also wonder how many, if any at all, will make it to see the light of the day. Right now, I'm editing a couple of them, and very tempted to put some up today. Knowing me though, if I post them today, I'll probably want to edit them tomorrow…

Another class of mine started today, and it was pretty interesting. I met the lecturers before already, haha. :) They're really awesome, and I'm excited to learn from them in the coming months.