The Concert Thrill

Mar 21, 2013 in , , ,

Mention the word “concert” to me, and a smile will instantly appear on my face, because the ones I have been to were absolutely epic.

The David Archuleta concerts I have been to were downright crazy, from the pre-planning and the frantic last-minute plans and calls, right down to everything finally falling into place, and hearing David singing live.
The first concert of his that I went to (and also my first concert) was in San Diego, United States of America in 2009 when the unimaginable happened, thanks to some really amazing friends.

That day, I got to not just finally hear him sing live, but also spend half an hour backstage with David, which was so much more than I thought would happen. My head swam, and my heart raced throughout the entire experience. The only word I can use to describe it is this: amazing! It was not just the backstage experience that made it special, but the concert itself, and of course, the wonderful company of friends.

As you can see, concerts are much more than just concerts. They are experiences that bring thrills and spills, excitement, crazy last-minute plans, and almost always, sore throats for the next week. In a way, they change a little bit of who we are.

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