The February Review

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It is now officially March, and it's pretty hard to believe that it's been two months since I started college. By now I've gotten into the swing of things (for the most part), haha. Classes have been going well, in case you were wondering, and I'm enjoying them so far. I have a few more starting in a couple of weeks though, so I'll let you know again then. I'm kinda looking forward to English literature, haha. It should be interesting...

There was a change in venue for a class yesterday that had me running through the pitch-dark auditorium, which was rather spooky. Thankfully, nothing jumped out of the darkness (nor did I crash into anything).

This past week, I interviewed someone for School Times, so I'm busy writing the article now, along with doing some projects… Assignments are going to start next week, so we'll see how that goes.

On another note, my uncle and aunt are finally coming to visit us next week. I haven't seen them in what feels like years, and I seriously miss them, and can't wait to see them again.

Yesterday, an article I wrote on the KDU Orientation Day was published in School Times, which was awesome. It's the second time that my updated byline has been published, and I have to say that I'm pretty psyched about that.

The KDU University College campus in Damansara Jaya was abuzz on the 7th of January, with students pouring in for orientation. The excitement of a brand new beginning, and the bittersweet farewell to secondary school hung thick in the air, in the midst of conversation, and nervous fiddling of the program sheet.

The emcee had us arrange ourselves according to our respective programs, and we started talking among ourselves. Even within the Pre-University group, there was still a wide variety of people, and among those were students taking the A-levels, AUSMAT, and the KDU foundation programs.

Soon, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Khong, welcomed us to KDU. Following a short speech, in which he shared with us a little about college life, he introduced some key people, including the heads of the schools. In came the head for the “most fun school in KDU,” also known as the Mass Communications school, the school for games development, and the culinary school. Of course, there was also the head of the Pre-University school, Dr. Todd Nelson. He introduced himself briefly, and came back later to sing “My Body Lies Over The Ocean” to loosen us up, making the boys and the girls alternate in standing up and sitting down at each ‘b’ sound. Think it’s easy? Well, let’s just say that the girls on my left stood up while the girls on my right sat down, and vice versa.

Now that we were a little bit more relaxed, they split us up again. Earlier on, they had pre-assigned us animals, and now, we had to find others of the same kind. The cats and dogs had it easy, as all they had to do was meow and bark. The kangaroos, on the other hand, had to hop. Eventually, I found my fellow bees. It was quite an amusing sight, with the entire auditorium filled with funny imitations of animal sounds and actions.

Once we had all been successfully grouped, the student volunteers (some of whom had just started going to KDU in 2012 and still had their own orientations fresh in their memories) came around. We had to construct something using some paper, and a hundred straws that symbolized the transition from secondary school into college and university.

There were quite a number of creative ideas, and an hour later, when it was time for the groups to present their creations, we got to see them all. Each group who got up onto the stage had to make a speech, and most of them spoke of how starting college symbolizes a sort of release – a new freedom that we didn’t have in secondary school.

After lunch, the rest of the afternoon was filled by a treasure hunt, where the students had to hunt around the school. All in all, it was definitely a really fun and interesting first day in KDU for all of us!

PS. Mark your calendars for March 14 - a Niexter issue done by my awesome editorial team will be published then! I'm counting down the days...