And He Saved Her

Apr 14, 2013 in ,

A/N: The only thing I have to say as an introduction to this poem is to please read the lines as they are, not one long blur. Other than that, I think that I should just let it tell its own story, so here goes...

She was on her knees, shaking,
Her eyes swollen from
The tears she had cried, when
He found her.

He dried her eyes, and found that
They were beautiful. He helped her up,
And found that
Her hands – they fit
Perfectly into his.

But even as he tried
To place
Bandages on her scars, she
Pushed him away,
And even as
He tried to heal her,
She shut him out,
Too afraid
Of getting hurt

So it was
That when she had finally found
The person who would
Fix her, and teach her that
Her eyes were beautiful when they were not
Filled with tears,
She was already
Too broken
To let him in.

And so he held
Her bones in place
Until they set, and waited
For her wounds to fade
Into pale scars,
To see if she would
Open herself to him.

But as time went by, he found
That though her eyes were beautiful,
They did not see him, and though
She was left only with scars,
They would always be wounds to her.