It's Been A Long Week

Apr 27, 2013 in ,

More than a week has passed since my last blog post, unfortunately. College has kind of taken over my life, since all my classes have been on full-force these few weeks, and my timetable is considerably nuts. This week has just left me exhausted, both physically and mentally… My brain feels quite fried right now, and I just feel like reading a good book with Hazel curled up beside me. Two weeks ago, I finished reading Looking For Alaska, and I just love it so much that I feel like reading it again… Unfortunately though, it doesn't look like I'll have time to read another book for a while yet. I've got a lot of studying and homework to do this weekend, and I'm hoping to squeeze an article in, and maybe finish up a poem if I can find the time.

In related news, I started English literature a little while back, and I'm loving it so far. It's a little crazy too ("crazy" seems to be my favorite word lately), but I'm also enjoying parts of it, haha. We've been studying Thomas Hardy's poems, which are quite depressing. It gets worse when it rains outside, which it has been doing lately… Nothing like analyzing a poem about regret or death while it's thundering. To add to the atmosphere, my class is small to say the least. Very small.

Anyway, I also wanted to share that we took Hazel out for dim sum last weekend! She was perfectly well-behaved, and sat quietly beside me the whole time. :) She's my little furball of sunshine, and if there's one thing that really cheers me up after a long day, it's coming home, and seeing her wag her furry tail, and trying to get as close as possible, welcoming us back. <3

I'll leave you with this cover song: