The Young Writers Awards Ceremony 2013 (And Two Articles)

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This past Saturday, the Young Writers Awards Ceremony 2013 was held in Marriott, Putrajaya. It was my third year attending, and it was pretty awesome seeing my friends there - not just the ones I've met before, but also those whose articles I always read, but have never had the chance to meet before. It was also really fun seeing my friends win awards, hehe. :) The theme was The Lord of the Rings, and it was definitely interesting to see what everyone was wearing. Some interpreted it, and came in more "flowery" clothes, whilst some also came in full costume.

While I'm on the topic, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to NST, and also the awesome people in the NiE unit, especially Aunty Mary. <3 I won for Best Cover Story, Best Survey Comment, and Best Columnist, and I feel really grateful. :) Writing for Niexter and SchoolTimes has taught me a lot of things, not least how to be a better writer, and also helped me make friends with some really cool people. :) Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be involved. <3

Coincidentally enough, I had two articles published yesterday. The first was my latest column article, and the second was in SchoolTimes' Occupations section, for which I interviewed a man in the pest-control industry.

Loyalty for one’s own country can be a very powerful thing. For the past few weeks, Lahad Datu has been involved in a bloody conflict, and facing the brunt of it are the Malaysian armed forces and civil servants, who have been placed in charge of defending our nation.

They have made, and are still, making tremendous sacrifices for the sake of their country. They have forsaken their own safety, putting their lives on the line to protect Malaysia. Their families too, have sacrificed a lot by letting go of the comfort of having their loved ones around, and this sacrificed is even deeper for the families of those who have died in battle. Even though nothing can lessen their loss, hopefully knowing that their loved ones did not die in vain will offer some degree of comfort.

The loyalty of these people for their country has driven them to make such an immense sacrifice, and it must be said that we should admire them for it. While we may not have to make such grave sacrifices, there are many things that we can, and should do for our country.

Different people have different ways of giving back to their nation. Some bring pride through sports (think Lee Chong Wei, and Nicol David), and others excel overseas to bring fame back to Malaysia (such as Jimmy Choo, and Yuna). Others choose to exert themselves academically, and prove themselves to be the brightest of young minds.

As students, we have a duty not just to ourselves and our parents, but also to our country to strive for knowledge and excellence. Our generation is the one that is going to lead the nation in the future, and the best thing we can do for Malaysia at this point of our lives is to prepare ourselves for this future – to equip ourselves with knowledge that will benefit our country, and enable ourselves to drive it forward.

Whichever way you choose to give back to Malaysia, be sure to put your all into it.