I Lit A Fire In You

May 26, 2013 in ,

A/N: I wrote this poem a few days ago, and finished it up this afternoon. I don't usually post poems so quickly after their conception, but I didn't want to over-think this one to its death, though I did go through quite a few drafts. It's my favorite poem that I have written in a little while.

I lit a fire in your mouth,
Striking the match with my tongue
So I would feel the burn;
Feel it spread down, down;
Down your throat, and into
The pit of your stomach,
Where it grew.

I lit a fire in your mouth
So I would taste it
When next I tried
To bite away my sorrows
With your milky-white teeth.

I lit a wildfire in you,
And watch you burn, burn;
Burn with the fiery of a thousand suns,
But you did not know how to use the flames;
How to wear them on your sleeves,
And as ornaments
Around your wrists
Without them charring you to ashes,

So you beat at the flames
In desperation,
And you searched for water
To put out the fire I lit
Because you did not know
How beautiful fires can be;
That when they ravage forests,
They dance through the old trees,
And frolic
With the young ones,
Their bright flames
Illuminating the sky.