The History Switch

May 27, 2013 in , ,

When I signed up to do the A Levels, I decided on 3 subjects: Economics, Literature in English, and Accounting. I started with Economics first, while classes for the other two began in March. Of the three, accounting is the one I felt most confident in from the start, not least because my mom was an accountant, which is why I was fine with leaving it until March. However, things don't always go as planned, and the past few weeks, I have been really struggling with it. It's not so much understanding it, but rather the work involved physically, which I'm really quite terrible at, and some time last week, I spent some 6 hours working on one day's worth of homework. It's just too challenging physically, and my lecturers said that there's only more work coming. The most apparent result of this is that because of the physical stress, my fingers and one of my arms have been spasming for the past few weeks, which really doesn't help anything, because I just can't write when that happens (and if I try, that only makes the twitching worse).

If accounting were my only subject, that wouldn't be too bad, but the thing is that I have to work on my other subjects, too, and if I spend even 3 hours a day working on accounting, excluding time spent in classes and extra studying, then I still wouldn't have enough time to do my other subjects, and leaving them until the weekend, as I have learned, isn't a particularly good thing for me.

Some time about two weeks ago, my mom decided to wake me up by asking if I wanted to change to history instead (while the sky was still dark, just so you know). Yes, history. It was very tempting, but at the time, I figured I should give accounting another shot, so I did, but that didn't work out very well, either. So on Thursday, my parents and I decided that I should switch to history. The thought of it is very interesting, and the more I researched into it, the more I realized it was a good decision because for one, it's a traditional subject, and also, it's recommended for the course I plan to take. Doing history also means that I won't have to drain myself out physically, even if I have to do more work mentally.

This morning, my mom spoke to my academic head, and I really hope that she will allow me to switch subjects. I'll be starting quite late into the syllabus, but I know that I can do self-study, and it's just feasible for me. With history, and after going through the material, I feel like a have a decent shot, and I'm all set to start. We're supposed to call her again tomorrow, and I really, really hope that she will understand the situation I'm in and let me do history. I'm just praying really hard for this.