Hazel Isn't Fluffy Anymore

Jul 28, 2013 in , ,

Hazel went for her first grooming session this week, and let's just say she looks really different now. I told them to give her a puppy cut, they responded saying they'd give her a "bearbear cut," and this was the result:

She looks neither like a puppy nor a teddy bear, but she still looks pretty. :) She looks really tinier now, and her legs look much longer, haha. I thought they were about two inches long, hiding underneath all that fur, but apparently not. Her colors are more prominent now, which is a good thing, but I miss her long ears.

In other news, my dad's birthday was last weekend, so my mom and I took him for a Japanese buffet, which we all enjoyed. After eating too much ice cream for dessert, I discovered that it was National Ice Cream Day (so at least that was a good excuse).