Losing the Battle to Win the War

Jul 19, 2013 in , , ,

Winning can seem like everything, but the pursuit of it can be dangerous, as is the thought that winning is indeed everything. The desire for victory can be a strong, helpful force, but it can also be a blinding one that distracts us from what we really want in life.

When the pursuit of victory has blinded us, it is important to recognise this, and stop to ask what it is that we really want; if we have gotten carried away by the idea of winning. Winning, after all, isn’t what is important in life, and it is not the end result, but something that comes along with what we truly want. The very term “winning” is in itself misleading, as it implies that there can only be one winner, when that is not actually the case: one person being happy does not mean that another has to be sad.

If it is so then, that victory may not always be good, then perhaps losing, as unsavory as it feels, isn’t so bad. While I’m definitely not saying that people should lose on purpose, there are some good things to be found in losing that can take the sting away. When we lose, we can learn from our mistakes, as cliché as that is, and we can make ourselves stronger from our experiences; losing in a sports game makes us realise our weaknesses, and we can work on them from there. Losing opens our eyes to see what we can improve on, and forces us to slow down when life is propelling us forward at an ever-quickening pace. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on ourselves; to ask if we have lost sight of what we really want, and pull us back into focus.

Winning and losing are opposites of each other, but perhaps they are not all that different. A continuous string of victories can boost our confidence and certainly add to our resume, but can also hurt us if we become blinded by the desire for victory, and forget our ultimate goal.

Losing, on the other hand, can hurt, but it also helps us to win bigger battles in the future. In this way, winning and losing cross into each other’s boundaries, and in such a case, it’s important to remember that it is sometimes necessary to lose the battle to win the war.

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