2013 In Review

Dec 31, 2013 in , ,

2013 has been an exciting, different year for me, filled with lots of ups, and plenty of downs, and as it draws to a close, I thought it would be nice to take a look at all the things I have done this year.

January. I started college this month, meaning that I actually had human classmates again. I made some awesome new friends, of course, and discovered I like Economics...

February. A relatively calm month, though I did get to celebrate Chinese New Year with my relatives, and brought Hazel on her first every road trip (during which a little girl ran up to me, poked her, then ran away again).

March. My team's Street Kids issue was published, much to my delight. A lot of work went into this one in not a very long period of time, so I'm glad it turned out well. I also had a term exam in March, which went quite decently, haha. I was so worried everything would fall out of my head, but most things stayed in there. After the exam, I had a burst of inspiration for writing, and fell into a state of pleasant melancholy, which felt really, really good.

April. Started all of my classes (some didn't start in January), which was rather hectic. I was really excited to start Literature In English! We started with the most depressing texts of the bunch, though, and that was during the few weeks it kept raining... Classes were spectre-gray in a good way, if that is possible. I also learned the the opposite of a hyperbole is not an underbole (my lecturer gave me a very interesting look when I suggested that), but a meiosis. Another exciting thing that happened was the Young Writers Awards Ceremony 2013! I had a lot of fun seeing my friends again, haha, and to top it off, I did win a few awards. :) Some time during this busy month, I found the time to read Looking For Alaska, which was absolutely spectacular. I still wonder how I hadn't stumbled upon a spoiler before, though.

May. The month of ~the switch. I swapped Accounting for History due to medical reasons, and I must say that the switch was a very interesting experience. It made me realize that sometimes, the things we take for granted, not necessarily because we don't appreciate them, but because we think it's steady. Starting History late also gave me a new-found love and passion for it because I had to immerse myself so completely that it consumed all of my extra time. I also wrote I Lit A Fire In You, which is still my favorite poem that I have written all year.

June. I finally took the SAT, which lasted an interesting number of hours (the place was so empty that I could literally scream in joy when it was over). I posted a rather long SAT vocabulary list here, just in case you would like to take a look.

July. This was quite an uneventful month, though I did finally finish all of my MQA/MPW courses, and I was quite happy about that, haha.

August. A more relaxed month due to the Hari Raya break, though I did have lots of essays to write. I went to an event that gave me hope, and inspired me to do something I didn't think was possible before. Plus, I made a wonderful new friend out of it.

September. Two words: trial exams. September began my exam season that just ended less than two weeks ago. Considering that I never had more than two, maybe three weeks of solid exams at a time, I take surviving it as an accomplishment, haha. The exams themselves were fine, though not particularly exciting.

October. First actual exams, plus a rather exciting something that I'd rather not talk about just yet. I also took my History exam, concluding a 5-month-long romance.

November. More exams. My AS exams finished the day before my seventeenth birthday!

December. Took another two exams that I crammed for, starting almost from scratch, haha. Can't say it was very enjoyable, but it was definitely interesting, and I don't regret it. I finally finished all of my exams, and started working on something else that I finally finished literally two minutes ago. My cousins came from Hong Kong, and we had a lovely time together; I'm also meeting another set from Australia later today, haha.

With that, I bid 2013 adieu. It has been an interesting year, and I definitely accomplished my goal of doing something (very) unexpected, along with making new friends. I started going to "normal" school this year, which in itself was an interesting experience, haha. All in all, it has been an amazing year, but I'm hoping and praying for a much better 2014.