No More Exams (for 2013)

Dec 23, 2013 in ,

Hello again. I just finished my last exam on Saturday (the ~season began in September for me), so I'm rather deliriously happy, haha. I went to eat some Japanese food right after that, then wandered around with my parents and a very big grin on my face. The next order of business was to completely devour a book I bought back in... March, I think. I'd actually read its sequel last year, not knowing there were two books, haha. It was so wonderful, getting to read and read and read without any qualms or thoughts of oh! I shouldn't read this because I have an exam next week.

I still have lots of things to do before the year is over though, including numerous essays for something... Thankfully, the main ones are done.

My cousins from overseas are coming this week (regretfully at different times - we haven't seen each other at the same time since we were about half our current heights), so I'm looking forward to seeing them, haha.

I'll try to make another post soon to round up the year (and a rather eventful one it has been)!