A Relaxing Week

Jul 18, 2014 in , ,

Hello again. Last weekend was pretty fun - on Saturday, we had a yummy fish lunch with an old family friend, and my uncle and aunt dropped by for a little durian fest. Then on Saturday, my parents and I headed to Fraser's Hill! We'd be planning to go for quite a while, and finally managed to take a nice slow drive there, haha. We stopped by at a town on the way there for breakfast...

We arrived in Fraser's before noon, and since it was too early for lunch, we took some pictures...

The flowers are my favorite, haha. Spot the bees? My mom got the perfect shots!

This was my lunch. Supposed to be western, but it tasted more like curry to me... Still nice, even though it wasn't quite what I was expecting.

My dad took this one. I really like how the sunshine came through the leaves on top!

This last picture was taken after lunch, before we came back down the hill. It was a really nice drive up - the road was winding up the hill, and the weather was really nice and cool. :) A relaxing daytrip all around, haha.

Yesterday, a couple of my course mates and I decided to meet up for lunch, which was fun. We sat there and talked about random stuff for a few hours, including rice cookers and durian, hm. I headed to KDU after that to meet up with a lovely senior who shared her pearls of wisdom with me when I was still trying to find my way around the course. I hadn't seen her in quite a while, so it was awesome catching up, and it was nice talking to someone who got really excited about History too. We were nerdy and took pictures with our favorite books from the library. Years and months later, we can still pick them out, HAHA. Even though we were from different intakes and never had classes together, there are some memories we both share with that particular subject... While I was there, I bumped into people from this year's intake too, so in the end, I managed to meet four intakes of KDUians in one day!